Everyone is probably familiar with the mess that occurs whenever you return from a walk, or when your kids come home from school: bags, backpacks, dirty shoes everywhere. You might have even tripped over your own mess at some point in your life. It gets even worse in the fall and winter when you have more layers of clothing and more accessories on you.

Have you ever thought of installing a mudroom? Very few families have them, but they actually come in handy quite often, and you are about to figure out why.

First and foremost, mudrooms will save you lots of cleaning time. When it’s raining, snowing, and muddy outside, you can quickly put your shoes away in the mudroom right after coming in. That applies also to your wet jackets and coats. Even if it’s not raining, chances are your shoes are dirty and dusty, anyways.

Thanks to the mudroom, your floors and carpets won’t get dirty or wet, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning them as often or hiring a local Chicago carpet cleaner like Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry. Moreover, you’ll save quite a lot of money on different types of cleaning agents and detergents, too.

Your mudroom will be an organizer and a storage for things that don’t really have a place. You will simply have to hang your jackets and coats on the hooks, put your bags and purses inside, and keep your shoes in the appropriate drawers. This will help you save tons of time in the mornings when you are getting ready and are trying to find the right jacket in a chaotic mess.

A mudroom will come in handy whenever you have guests over. The first thing your guests have to go through when they arrive is the mudroom. They will be able to leave their belongings in the mudroom and enter your house comfortably. Later on, when they are about to leave, they will be able to pick up their stuff just as easy and fast.

A correctly chosen and installed mudroom will be a great addition to your house. Not only will it add value to your home when you are about to sell it, but it will also be a nice element of decor if picked up properly. Also, since it will be pretty much the first thing anyone sees after entering your front door, it will be the first feature to grab the guest’s attention and make a good impression on them.

Other than everything mentioned above, your mudroom is another storage space! You can store your cleaning agents and utensils there, umbrellas, maybe sunglasses or other smaller accessories, depending on the type of the mudroom and its design. So you can for sure get creative with it and make it whatever you wish.