Everyone is probably familiar with the mess that occurs whenever you return from a walk, or when your kids come home from school: bags, backpacks, dirty shoes everywhere. You might have even tripped over your own mess at some point in your life. It gets even worse in the fall and winter when you have more layers of clothing and more accessories on you.

Have you ever thought of installing a mudroom? Very few families have them, but they actually come in handy quite often, and you are about to figure out why.

First and foremost, mudrooms will save you lots of cleaning time. When it’s raining, snowing, and muddy outside, you can quickly put your shoes away in the mudroom right after coming in. That applies also to your wet jackets and coats. Even if it’s not raining, chances are your shoes are dirty and dusty, anyways.

Thanks to the mudroom, your floors and carpets won’t get dirty or wet, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning them as often or hiring a local Chicago carpet cleaner like Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry. Moreover, you’ll save quite a lot of money on different types of cleaning agents and detergents, too.

Your mudroom will be an organizer and a storage for things that don’t really have a place. You will simply have to hang your jackets and coats on the hooks, put your bags and purses inside, and keep your shoes in the appropriate drawers. This will help you save tons of time in the mornings when you are getting ready and are trying to find the right jacket in a chaotic mess.

A mudroom will come in handy whenever you have guests over. The first thing your guests have to go through when they arrive is the mudroom. They will be able to leave their belongings in the mudroom and enter your house comfortably. Later on, when they are about to leave, they will be able to pick up their stuff just as easy and fast.

A correctly chosen and installed mudroom will be a great addition to your house. Not only will it add value to your home when you are about to sell it, but it will also be a nice element of decor if picked up properly. Also, since it will be pretty much the first thing anyone sees after entering your front door, it will be the first feature to grab the guest’s attention and make a good impression on them.

Other than everything mentioned above, your mudroom is another storage space! You can store your cleaning agents and utensils there, umbrellas, maybe sunglasses or other smaller accessories, depending on the type of the mudroom and its design. So you can for sure get creative with it and make it whatever you wish.

glass shower door

Homeowners love to install the latest accessories to boost the impression of indoor décor. The market is loaded with a number of attractive products but here we are going to talk about a glass door for your shower.

This is definitely a luxurious addition to your home décor and the great news is that you can install it easily with DIY steps.

There are lots of shower glass door models out there but the frameless glass doors are gaining huge popularity these days.

Here are few simple steps to get this door installed at your home:

Step 1: Ensure accurate measurements:

The very first task you need to do is measure the door opening at your bathroom accurately so that you can buy the right size.

In case if you want to install a door with seals then never forget to measure the seal dimensions separately.

Generally, in order to install a glass door without seals, the desired opening is 0.25 inches wider than the actual dimensions of the door.

Step 2: Buy your door:

You can find so many suppliers in the local market as well as online. Prefer to ask for quotation first to ensure best price offer and also check reviews of the seller.

It is important to buy a product from the one who sells best quality material. Let them know about the dimensions of your door space and bring your door home with all essential accessories.

Step 3: Get ready for installation:

Now you need to locate the door handles and hinges; they can be fixed with the help of a screwdriver.

Note that hinges must be attached at a center portion of glass cut out so that they can ensure widest movement range. Simply tighten the screw and it will be ready.

Step 4: Place your door:

You might have heard about a wooden shim that is often used to ensure proper elevation of large fixtures. You can buy it easily from local stores but they usually come in various dimensions so you need to be very careful about your selection for their width.

The best idea is to use a .225” shim as it is enough to ensure right door positioning.

Step 5: Drill the holes:

You can drill the tile holes with masonry bit but before you start drilling them, make sure that you have done accurate marking.

The stud finder must be used to ensure proper screw fitting and never forget to push the anchors into pilot holes so that door can fit at the right place.

Step 6: Add the Vinyl Sweeps:

Lastly, you need to place the vinyl sweep. Once it is done, check the door by opening and closing it several times. It must move smoothly.

Your door is now ready and you will definitely love the way it gives an attractive appearance to your bathroom. Prefer to clean the glass time to time to ensure great looks.

It can serve you for years but if you find any trouble in the movement then do not avoid it, always prefer to fix it on time.

remove carpet

The cost of new carpet is very expensive. You first need to purchase the carpet itself as well as invest in a high-quality carpet pad to reduce the wear over time. Then of course you need to hire a professional for carpet installation which can be very expensive and will want to hire a carpet cleaning service in Portland to remove harmful VOCs.

We do recommend hiring a professional for installation considering how important it is to get the job done correct but you can cut the overall costs with a few DIY projects before the installer arrives at your home. Here are some DIY carpet removal projects to help reduce the cost of installing carpet.


You can be sure that an installer will charge extra if you require him to move furniture in and out of the room the carpet will be installed. Before the installer arrives, empty the room out entirely and move all of the furniture to a room with tile or hardwood floor or in your garage or outdoors if the weather is nice enough.


Now that the room is empty, we recommend going one step further and tearing out the old carpet too. This is a relatively easy DIY project that will also help save money when it comes time to pay the installer. If he doesn’t have to remove the old carpet, then he will charge less for his services. You can remove carpet by cutting out a corner with a razor blade and then cutting the carpet into long rectangular strips and then rolling up and placing it out on your curb for the local garbage service to retrieve at a later date.


The carpet is gone and all that is left on the floor is the pad. You can tear the pad out using your bare hands. This is a fast project and another way to save costs on carpet installation. You can simply throw all of the pieces of the torn out carpet pad into a garbage bag.


There will be several hundred staples in the subfloor that attached the carpet pad and seems of the carpet to your floor. You can remove these staples using a hammer or a tool designed specifically for the removal of staples from floors. It is much faster to purchase the tool and the tool will still be cheaper than the cost of paying the installer to remove all of the staples from the floor.


You can deliver the carpet from the retail store or the manufacturer on your own and save costs on the installer or retailer delivering the carpet to your home. Most rolls of carpet will fit in the back of a standard pickup truck or in a large conversion van. If you don’t own a large enough vehicle, see if you can borrow one from a friend or a family member that lives nearby.

These 5 DIY projects are all easy to accomplish and can be done in less than a weekend. You will save yourself several hundreds of dollars in the process which will leave more money for you to invest in a higher quality carpet and carpet pad.